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Case Cygnett TekView for AirPods PRO Black


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Keep your headphones safe with Cygnett! The TekView cases are perfect for protecting your headphone case from scratches and damage, and are also great for shock absorption. They are a perfect fit for the AirPods PRO. The minimalist design keeps the AirPods headphones compact while allowing them to be charged without removing the protective case.

Tailored to fit your headphones. The case has been designed to be compatible with the AirPods PRO headphones. It fits perfectly to your headphones and provides convenient access to all ports and buttons, you can also pair and charge them wirelessly without removing the case.

Reliable protection. High-quality materials have been used in the construction of the headphones, which are highly durable and wear-resistant. The interior of the case provides excellent shock absorption and protects the headphones from damage and scratches. So you can be sure to keep them in great condition for a long time. What´s more, the special non-slip material prevents the headphone charging case from slipping out of your hands.