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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo w 13 relay modules


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Smart Home Panel + 13 Relay Modules. With the EcoFlow Smart Home module you have the perfect solution to integrate your EcoFlow Delta Pro devices into your home. Up to 10 home circuits can be connected to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Features EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

app control
Secure power supply for your home
Perfect as a back-up solution in case of emergency
Control through the EcoFlow app

Through the EcoFlow app, you have the ability to monitor and control your power consumption. Through the many settings you can manage your system and view real-time data, which allows you to avoid expensive electricity prices with time-based billing of your electricity consumption. A very interesting feature is the possibility to prioritize circuits which should be switched off if there is not enough emergency power available. For all connected circuits, the app can provide consumption statistics, which help to optimize energy consumption.

Best equipped in case of power outages
In the event of a power outage, the Smart Home module will switch directly to your up to 10 integrated circuits and draw power from the connected delta Pro unit. When properly equipped, your home is safely supplied with up to 7200 w of power and 25 kwh of energy. With a delta Pro Power Station, the maximum output power is 3600 w. The capacity then depends on whether the system is combined with an additional battery. A maximum current of 30 a is specified for channels 1-4, and 20 a for the remaining channels. Due to the low switching time of only 20ms, you will hardly notice any loss of power and your circuits will continue to be supplied.

Technical data:
dimensions: 500 x 330 x 120 mm
Weight: approx. 9 kg
Protection class: IP20
Switching time 20ms
Up to 10 circuits
Nominal system voltage: 220 v / 240 v
Relay module rated current: 6 a, 13 a, 16 a, 20 a, 30 a
Max. Input rating for delta Pro: max. 7200 w (2x 3600 w)
delta Pro charging power: max. 6800 w (2x 3400 w)
Max. connected battery power: 21.6 kwh (6x 3.6 kwh)