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Godox P120L Parabolic hexadecagon softbox with bowens mount 120cm


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Godox P120L Parabolic softbox with bowens mount 120cm. Hexadecagon is a softbox that provides a very soft easy to control light regardless where we work, in the studio or outdoors. Its sixteen-sided shape means that the reflections in the eyes of the person being photographed are round and natural, which works great during portrait, fashion or beauty sessions.

Resembling a tulip cup, very deep canopy of this softbox is one of its important features. This shape allows the user to control precisely where the light falls. If necessary, the hexadecagon can also be used with a honeycomb (available separately).

Godox hexadecagon is built on the basis of a quick folding mechanism. Thanks to this, you can prepare it very well, connect it to the lamp and start the session, and pack it quickly after it. The Softbox is delivered in a handy case easy to transport and storage.

Hexadecagon is made of the highest quality materials. The plating is sewn from high quality taffeta nylon with a rip-stop weave, which combines a low mass with high mechanical strength. Interior is covered with a color neutral silver screen, which is designed to reflect the light and evenly spread them on the diffusers.

Softbox is equipped with two diffusion surfaces made of rip-stop polyester. Inner diffuser has a sewn-in extra sheet in its central part to limit the focus of light from the lamp.

The set contains:
Godox Softbox P120L Hexadecagon 120
inner diffuser
outer diffuser
original packaging


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