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Urth 77mm Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Urth 77mm Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter

The CPL filter reduces reflections, increases colour saturation and contrast by removing polarised light.
Polarised light can blur images with silvery reflected light. Therefore, the CPL polarising filter removes 99.9% of reflected light from water, glass and non-metallic surfaces, making the colours of your images brighter.
Rotate the polarisation filter to remove polarised light from any direction to improve colour saturation and contrast and remove reflections. At full polarisation, our CPL provides a light reduction of 1.33 f-stops.

Premium polarised glass
Premium Japanese AGC glass features an 8-layer nano-coating for excellent polarisation, extra protection and easier cleaning.

Ultra-slim magnalium rim
The deliberately designed ultra-slim bezel prevents vignetting and our durable magnalium has a lifetime warranty.

Double thread
All filters have a double thread for stacking filters or using screw caps.

Positive impact
Urth´s goal is to have a lasting positive impact on the planet.
By consciously designing products that help people engage with nature and planting 5 trees for every product. Urth´s mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2032.

Conscious design
There is a constant search for ways to minimise the negative impact on the planet we love. When new products are made, low-impact materials are sought and designs are refined to minimise waste. All packaging is redesigned to remove all plastic, use recycled materials and ensure they are recyclable too.

Better colour saturation
Filters reflections from water, glass and non-metallic surfaces.
Stronger contrast for more vivid images.