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Sirui Sniper Lens APS-C AF 23mm F1.2 Z-Mount Black Carbon


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Sirui Sniper AF 23mm feature a F1.2 ultra-fast aperture that produces a shallow depth of field with a stunning bokeh. The lens features a lightweight and compact design that contributes to a perfect balance between the lens and your mirrorless camera.

Sirui Sniper APS-C AF 23mm F1.2 Lens

The lens is designed for Sony, Fuji X and Nikon Z mirrorless APS-C cameras and its versatile focal length, equivalent to a 35mm full frame lens, allows you to capture everything from street photo, interior, beautiful landscapes to striking portraits.

The lens construction consists of 12 lens elements in 11 groups, with 6 High Refractive Index Glass. This provides excellent edge-to-edge image quality regardless of focus distance or aperture. 11 aperture blades design creates soft and beautiful bokeh that helps to separate your subject from the background. All lenses in the Sniper series share a uniform 58mm filter thread and same characteristic. Even when shooting with stabilizers or gimbals, lenses can be quickly swapped without having to rebalancing.

Cover APS-C & Super35 sensors
Ultrafast F1.2 Aperture
Both for photo & video
Great optical construction
Stunning bokeh
About Sirui Sniper APS-C lenses

The Sirui Sniper Series APS-C Autofocus lenses is a series of lenses with large aperture and compact design that boast a quick and accurate autofocus system that leverages an STM motor that supports subject and eye autofocus tracking in both stills and video. The lenses are available for Sony E, Fujifilm X, and Nikon Z mirrorless systems in three different color options. The lenses are also available as a kit including all Sirui Sniper lenses and a hard case.

Whats in the box:
1x Lens
1x Protective pouch
1x Lenshood