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Techwood TSM-1655 stainless steel soup maker


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Stainless steel soup maker Techwood TSM-1655 (red).

Looking for an indispensable kitchen aid? The Techwood TSM-1655 soup maker is for you! It offers 6 different programs, which means you can use it to prepare soup, smoothie, juice or blanch fruits and vegetаbles, among other things. The ergonomic handle, which also provides protection against burns, will help you carry it more easily. What´s more, the panel at the top will allow you to customize the operation of the device.

Healthy and tasty meals. The soup maker is equipped with 6 programs that you can set using dedicated buttons. The device will help you prepare a standard soup or a cream version, juice, smoothie or compote. In addition, the product has a blending and heating function. Cooking has never been so easy and fun!

Comfort of use. The TSM-1656 soup maker was created with the utmost care, so it was made of stainless steel. In addition, it also has special sensors that make it even safer to use. It also provides sound notifications, and with the help of the touch panel you will be able to customize its operation.

Maht: 1,6L Max
• 6 küpsetusprogrammi märgutuledega:
– Kreemjas supp
– Supp tükkidega
– kompott
– Soojendamine
– Puuviljamahl, smuuti
– Blender
• Roostevabast terasest tera
• Ülevoolu- ja kuivamisvastane andur
• Helimärguanded
• 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
• Mootori võimsus: 140-160W
• Küttevõimsus: 800-1000W