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Sonoff Motion sensor SNZB-03


Laos (saab järeltellida)



A smart device that will wake up the apartment. Motion sensor SNZB-03 equipped with a sensor, it allows for quick identification of movement, in combination with the Bridge, the light in the living room switches on automatically, making it easier to move around the apartment after dark.

The sensor has a motion detection range of up to 6 meters with a detection angle of up to 110 degrees. The round construction of the device allows to mount the sensor in any place in the house, office or garage.

When connecting the camera to the sensor, we can check what is happening in the apartment in our absence. The application saves data from every day – it is possible to clear unnecessary records and return to the date from one month ago.

Low battery indicator. The application sends out notifications about low sensor battery level (10%). You don´t have to worry about the low battery level of your device – you´ll always be up to date with the app.

Intelligent security, easy installation. The mounting tape, easily and quickly allows the device to be installed on any surface of the room. It does not peel off. It is stable and strong.