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Sonoff GK-200MP2-B IP camera WiFi 1080p adapter


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Observe the room without skipping any zone. The camera has a full 360-degree vision range, and the ability to rotate the camera in two axes will ensure that nothing escapes your attention.

Thanks to the great 1080p Full HD quality you will get the best reception and recording quality. Additionally, the camera is equipped with IR diodes emitting infrared light to ensure the best image quality even at night. The device automatically switches to IR mode in low light and provides vision up to 15M.

The camera is able to detect movement and immediately send a PUSH notification to your phone so that you always feel safe.

Built-in microphone and loudspeaker give you the opportunity to talk to your loved ones at the camera. The components used ensure good sound quality.

Mount the camera wherever you want – the way of installing the device gives you the possibility to mount the camera on the ceiling or wall, and the options of connecting the camera via Ethernet cable directly to the router or via WiFi network only makes it easier.