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Deerma Electric Hot Water Cup DR035S


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The Deerma DR035S hot water cup with Display not only allows you to boil water, but also maintains its indicated temperature, when connected to power supply. It weighs only 350g and is relatively small, so you can take it with you wherever you need it. It´s made of 304 stainless steel and its 3-layer insulation protects you from scalding. The easy-to-read touch panel screen makes it easy to operate the device and allows you to check the current temperature of your drink. The product is only suitable for heating and storing water – other liquids and substances such as fruit, juice or milk can cause pressure increase and unsealing of the thermos.

Now you can drink warm coffee or tea almost anywhere. Thermos Deerma DR035S is extremely lightweight and its capacity is 350ml. The size resembles a small bottle of water. You can easily fit it into your suitcase, backpack or even your handbag and take it on vacation or on a business trip. It will also come in handy when travelling with your child – you will surely appreciate the possibility to make powdered milk at any time.

Do you want the temperature of the water in the thermos to reach a certain value and be constantly maintained at the same level? With Deerma it is possible! Now you will prepare the perfect coffee, tea or milk for your child and be sure that the beverage will be properly warm. Using the thermos, you can indicate the temperature to which the water will be heated in the range of 40-90°C and with an accuracy of 1°C. The device automatically keeps you warm, being constantly connected to the 220-240V mains, when you ѕelect the appropriate mode and at the ѕelected level, for up to 8 hours

A special safety valve automatically monitors the pressure in the thermos, and if necessary, immediately releases it. This means you can safely boil water in it even when the lid is closed, preventing contaminants from getting inside. How much time do you need? Very little! Thanks to the technology used, the DR035S can boil water in just 8.5 minutes.

The thermos has been made from safe 304 stainless steel, ensuring that no impurities precipitate when boiling water, and you don´t have to worry about unpleasant smells. The use of this material also helped to ensure unparalleled durability of the device and its resistance to acids, rusting and other damage.

Drink your favorite beverages without fear of scalding. The thermos is equipped with a precise sensor, which measures the current temperature of water in real time and then displays its value on an easy to read screen. Placed next to the display 2 touch buttons allow convenient operation of the device. With them you can set the desired temperature or ѕelect the water boiling function.

The device stands out with its low power consumption of 300W and provides the safe use you need. A built-in sensor monitors the temperature inside the thermos and automatically turns it off if it gets too hot. The 3-layer insulation prevents heat loss too quickly and protects you from scalding. What´s more, the power port is further protected by a dustproof silicone closure.

The thermos cap also serves as a convenient to use portable mug, so you can enjoy a warm drink anytime. It is made of PP plastic, which can be safely used in contact with food. You also do not have to worry about possible leaks. Mug is equipped with a reliable seal, which allows you to comfortably carry the thermos in your backpack or handbag, without the risk of flooding other items located there.