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COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED kasutab nelja mõõtmiskuva režiimi, sealhulgas golfirežiimi, mis tagab kaldega kohandatud kauguse – see on ülioluline üles- ja allamäge löömisel. Teine võimalus on valida tegeliku kauguse režiim, mille puhul annab tegeliku kauguse näidik märku konkurentsivõimelisest mängust. Kerget ja veekindlat kaugusmõõdikut saab kasutada kõigis tingimustes.

From the moment you step onto the tee box and look through the COOLSHOT PROII, you’ll know your game has changed. The view is stunning—bright, clear and sharp thanks to Nikon´s brilliant optics. Key measurements appear in an instant thanks to integrated HYPER READ technology and a premium OLED display. What´s most striking? The stability. Regardless of the weather conditions or excitement level, the view through the COOLSHOT PROII is calm and steady, for unshakable confidence in every shot.

Borrowing technology from Nikon’s innovative cameras and lenses, the COOLSHOT PROII counteracts hand shake and environmental factors to steady both your view and the ranging laser. It’s easier to find your target, and it’s easier to lock onto it.

HYPER READ technology provides near-instant measurements (approx. 0.3 seconds) that are comfortably visible within the bright, crystal-clear OLED display. Explore more options for your shots without slowing down your game.

Turn on ID (incline/decline) mode, and your distance will factor in slope, crucial for uphill and downhill shots. When slope must be off for competitive play, an onboard Actual Distance Indicator (ADI) LED signals compliance.

Nikon has been a world-leader in optics for more than 100 years. The COOLSHOT PROII uses a brilliant 6x power monocular with Nikon’s innovative anti-glare and high-contrast coatings, plus a diopter adjustment to fine tune for your vision.

Targeting the pin? DUAL LOCKED ON ECHO—confirms you´ve hit the flag and not something in the background. It also gives a green visual cue and a pleasant audible confirmation that you’re measuring the pin, not a tree or other object 20 yards behind it.

Press and hold the power button for continuous measurement mode to see distances in real-time as you survey your surroundings (up to 8 seconds). Know the exact distance of trees, water features, sand traps and other hazards.