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Nikon PROSTAFF P3 8×42


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The PROSTAFF P3 binoculars replace the well-regarded PROSTAFF 3S, offering users a no-nonsense introduction to quality optics. With a multilayer coating applied to the lenses, and a high-reflective silver-alloy coating on the mirror surfaces of the prisms, the PROSTAFF P3 give a brilliant, bright image that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Summary of key features: PROSTAFF P3
Entry-level hobbyist binoculars: the lenses are multilayer coated for brighter images, and a high-reflective silver-alloy coat is applied to the mirror surfaces of the prisms.

Pick your perfect size: available in 8×42, 10×42, 8×30, and 10×30 sizes. Wide apparent field of view: the PROSTAFF P3 8×30 binoculars offer an extremely wide 62.6 apparent field of view, while the PROSTAFF P3 10×42 offer an even wider 62.9 apparent field of view.

Super tough: waterproofing (up to 1 m for up to 10 minutes) and a fog-free design keep the view clear no matter what the weather does. Rubber armouring protects the binoculars from knocks and bumps. Extremely comfortable: every PROSTAFF P3 model boasts long eye relief (15 mm or more), making these binoculars perfect for glasses wearers. Multi-click turn-and-slide rubber eyecups make it simple to set the correct eye position if you don’t wear glasses.