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Kowa BDII-XD 10×42 WA


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Great all-round binoculars with wide angle optics, exceptional image resolution, rugged build quality and comfortable operation.

Take a wider point of view
One of the stand-out optical features of the Kowa BDII-XD binocular series is the class leading wide angle performance that provides a large field of view and sharpness across the entire image. It allows you to find a subject quicker than with most other binoculars.

No ordinary ED lenses
The BDII-XD features Kowa´s environmentally friendly, legendary double XD objective lenses. This high resolution ED glass contains large amounts of the mineral fluorite – the best material available today for assuring high light transmission in optical devices. It ensures an image with edge to edge sharpness and virtually zero chromatic aberration (colour bleeding). Kowa´s lens coating technology, developed over decades, further enhances the light transmission properties.

The Kowa BDII-XD binoculars will let you enjoy sharp images with natural colour, high contrast and incredible detail, from dawn to to dusk.

Built to last, use them with confidence
The BDII-XD range benefits from a magnesium alloy chassis that produces the feel and strength of metal with the added benefit of decreased weight. The lightweight, rugged structure can tolerate the toughest conditions and provides a sense of security and longevity.

Surrounding the hard magnesium alloy body is a protective layer of rubber armour, not only providing a sure, comfortable grip but also increasing the level of durability.

Each binocular is fully waterproof and filled with nitrogen to prevent the lenses from fogging. Kowa´s unique KR coating also repels dirt and prevents residue from building up on the lenses.

Comfortable for all users
A fluid, responsive focus wheel delivers pin point accuracy and smooth twist eye-cups ensure optimum viewing for all users, including those who wear glasses. Thanks to an easy to use dioptre adjustment system the BDII-XD can be tailored specificically to your own viewing requirements.

The Kowa BDII-XD are simply put super comfortable binoculars that allows you to make long and and enjoyable observations in all kinds of weathers and environments!

Dioptri kompensatsioon: +/-4
Väljundpupilli läbimõõt: 4,2
Silma kaugus: 16,5
Vaateväli kraadides: 7,2
Okulaari vaateväli: 72
Klaasi tüüp: XD
Statiivikinnitus: jah
Hämarafaktor: 20,5
Prisma tüüp: Roof


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