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Fieldmicroscope MINI W/CASE & STRAP


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A tiny and extremely portable field microscope with 20x magnification, the Nikon 20x Field Microscope Mini is perfect for those who enjoying observing little facets of our world in great detail. Observing a magnified specimen through two eyes instead of one is a delightful experience, offering a three dimensionality that reveals more insight of the subject with superior comfort. The observation tubes rotate 180° downward for a sizeable decrease in dimensions when you´re not using the microscope.
The Field Microscope Mini is O-ring sealed for resistance to dust and moisture, and offers an 11mm diameter clear viewing field. It has sliding lens covers, with a focusing handle that has torque adjustment for user-tailored control. The specimen plate is concave for easy observing of liquids, and the 51-72mm interpupillary adjustment range allows children to use it as well. It has a 1/4″-20 threaded standard tripod socket and ±3 dioptric correction.

An ideal field instrument with low 20x magnification

Eyepiece tubes fold down for storage

Excellent three-dimensional viewing

O-Ring sealed for resistance to dust and moisture

Clear viewing field of 11mm in diameter

Sliding lens covers

Focusing handle has a torque adjustment for user-tailored control

Specimen plate curved in rear for easy observing of liquids

51-72mm Interpupillary adjustment range

1/4″-20 Threaded tripod socket

±3 Dioptric correction


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