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Thermal labels Niimbot stickers T 40x40mm 180 psc White


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Ethermal labels Niimbot sticker T 40x40mm 180 pcs. (White). The set includes a roll that allows you to print 180 pieces of 40 x 40 mm labels. It is dedicated to Niimbot B series thermal printers (excluding the B18 model). It will be useful for printing prices, expiration dates, QR and EAN code, emoticons, serial number, tаble and much more.

Resistant to wear and tear. The labels were created from high-quality paper. They are resistant to high and low temperatures. They are durable, do not wear out and perform their function for a long time. You will successfully use them on containers with boiling water or containers with frozen food. Label without limits.