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Thermal Label Printer Niimbot B3S Grey


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Niimbot B3S thermal label printer (gray). Discover convenience and flexibility with the Niimbot B3S thermal label printer! With no ink, no wires and in a compact format, the printer offers an amazing print resolution of 203 dpi. Connect to it via Bluetooth and manage it easily with the dedicated app. Included in the package you will receive a charging cable and a roll of labels to start printing immediately after launch.

Useful for everyday use. The Niimbot B3S portаble printer will make organization easier both at work and at home. You´ll use the labels to label document folders, cables, food or cosmetic containers. Print product prices, mark them with EAN codes and expiration dates and enjoy perfect organization. The labels are free of harmful BPA, so you can label food and children´s accessories without any problems.

Dedicated app. Operation of the printer is facilitated by the Niimbot app, which works with Android and iOS operating systems. From it, you will print label content with the font style and size of your choice, add emoticons, product barcodes, QR codes and tаbles. You can also create serial printing, product expiration dates, etc. There are no limits to your creativity!

Lightweight and compact. The printer is distinguished by its portаble design – its dimensions are 115.5 x 109.67 x 58.58 mm, and its weight does not exceed 317 g. You will successfully store it, for example, in a desk drawer. What´s more, the printer works wirelessly – it is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, and the included USB-C cable will facilitate charging.

USB-C cable
label roll
user manual