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Pacific Image Power Film Plus


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The Pacific Image Power Film Plus scanner lets you digitize all your 135 films in professional quality. The scanner comes with severel features such as automatic dust and scratches removal, auto contrast and faded film correction.

The Pacific Image Power Film Plus is all you need to digitalize your old 135 film. The scanner comes with a smart batch function that speeds up your workflow without compromising image quality. Batch scanning of 135 filmstrips enables simultaneous processing of up to 10 filmstrips, accommodating six frames each, totaling a maximum of 60 frames per batch. This process boasts a high-resolution scan of 7200 dpi, ensuring intricate true-color detail.

135 film scanner
Dynamic range 4,2
Supports different wideformats from Xpan, Mamiya, Widelux, etc.
Auto batch scanning ability for negative and positive film strips
Can scan up to 10 film strips, 60 frames maximum in one batch.
24 Megapixel
Compatible with both PC and Apple
Stunning results with Pacific Image software.

The CyberView PF 135-Plus software is provided as a free download for Windows and Mac. The software The software allows you to get the most out of your film negatives with, for example: Digitial Noise Reduction that isolates an manage noise (grain) in both highlight and shadow areas witoout loosing image detail. A Magic Touch technology eliminates flaws in film and removes dust and scratches. The software also helps to restore faded colors from old film resulting in vibrant and rich colors.


The Pacific Image Power Film Plus is compatible with Windows and Mac and requires 4 GB of RAM and 50 GB of hard disk space (8 GB or more of RAM are highly recommended).

What’s in the box:
Film tray
Quick installation guide
USB 2.0 cable
Power Adapter