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Rockbros Cycling glasses photochromic 10135


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Rockbros photochromic cycling glasses 10135. If you cycle often and enjoy active outdoor activities, make sure your eyes are always well protected. Rockbros photochromic glasses are a must-have for any cyclist, mountain touring, fishing or mountain climbing enthusiast. The glasses are extremely lightweight, and their temples are characterized by softness and flexibility, so you won´t feel discomfort even during prolonged use.

An essential for active people. Do you want to improve your visibility while cycling? Do you care about greater comfort during your favorite activities? Then Rockbros brand glasses will be a great choice for you! The photochromic glasses change tint depending on the level of light intensity and temperature. Thanks to their use, you will effectively take care of the health of your eyes and increase your comfort during your favorite sport. The transparent glasses are made of durable PC plastic.

Multifunctional. You will use Rockbros photochromic glasses in many situations – while cycling, on a mountain trip, on a fishing trip or simply while driving. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the Rockbros product is extremely lightweight, stays firmly in place, and is very comfortable to use. You can comfortably use the frames for corrective glasses, which are also part of the set, together with the Rockbros product. In addition, you will gain accessories for storing your glasses.

Kit contents:
Glasses frames x1
Photochromic glasses x1
Corrective eyeglass frames x1
Eyeglasses case x1
Eyeglasses bag x1
Eyeglasses cloth x1