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Godox Cross-Body Mini Bag for AD200


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The Godox Cross-Body Mini Bag for Godox AD200 / AD200Pro Portable flash units is a sling-type bag for easy carrying and storage of these compact flash units and their accessories.

The CB-57 cross body mini bag, dedicated to the Godox AD200 and AD200Pro, makes it easy to store these small flashes and their accessories. In addition, it will be great for photoshoots where we use the EC200 extension cable, in which case the bag with the flash body can be hung over the shoulder or on a light stand, and its flash head can be mounted much higher. Similarly, when using the Ring Flash R200 Head, we are not forced to keep the flash in our pocket, but in a convenient bag. Note: the kit includes a bag, the flash shown in the sample photo is available separately.