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Gomatic Peter McKinnon Luma Camera Sling 9L Sage


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Luma Camera Sling 9L: Compact but mighty. Crafted with an eye for a streamlined camera setup, the Luma Camera Sling 9L brings the best of its larger counterpart into a slimmer form. Ideal for on-the-move photographers who prioritize both style and functionality. Inside, it seamlessly houses a smaller gear setup while retaining all the intuitive organizational features that set the Luma collection apart.

Every detail is designed for comfort and ease. Its pivot rivets and an adjustable shoulder strap ensure the bag moves with you. Quick-grab moments are made easier with a secondary handle. Secure yet easy-to-access compartments? Check.

An external pocket on the lid offers quick access to essentials, while the magnetic closures safeguard your gear even if you forget to zip up. Inside, a zippered pocket unveils two stretch mesh pockets, ensuring every piece of equipment has its place. For the aesthetically conscious, ѕelect from four distinct colors to resonate with your unique style.

Designed with enduring materials, from the sturdy metal frame that retains its form to the Nylex interior that snugly holds the divider velcro, the Luma Camera Sling 9L doesn´t just carry gear—it complements the photographer.

Sügavus sees: 127mm
Pikkus sees: 127mm
Laius sees: 292mm