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F-Stop Navin Anthracite (welded)


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F-Stop Navin Anthracite (welded)
With the F-Stop Navin you have a snout bag that you can adjust in length. This makes the Navin suitable for a camera with a smaller or larger lens. The muzzle bag is handy because you can just leave the lens on the camera, so that you can start shooting immediately as soon as you take out your device.

Multiple mounting options
By unzipping the top of the bag you have enough space to grab your camera. There is an accessory compartment in the flap, where you can quickly store the lens cap, for example. The bag comes with three straps, giving you various options to carry or attach the bag to your equipment. This way you can wear the Navin the way you want. Thanks to two straps at the back you can also attach the snout bag with it.

Adjustable in length
You can reduce the depth of the bag from 32 centimeters to 22 centimeters. You do this by rolling up the bottom of the bag and attaching it to the sturdy hooks on the side. For example, your snout bag is also suitable for a camera with a smaller lens and you no longer need an extra bag! You can remove two soft inserts to roll up the bag tightly.

Muzzle bag with multiple mounting options
Adjustable in length from 32 to 22 centimeters
With accessory pocket
Warranty 2 years