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Boundary X-PAC Holdfast Tote Urbane Grey


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Reinforced with Aramid fibers and waterproof laminate, the X-PAC Holdfast is an exceptionally premium everyday carry perfect for running errands while seamlessly integrating with the Errant. Using Fidlocks and a snap system, the Errant suspends the X-PAC bag to protect against drops and maximize the capacity so you can carry anything and everything.

Constructed from X-Pac material (made in the USA)
Magnetically docks inside Errant
Cinch top closure
Exterior handles
Front zippered pocket
Self-contained packable sack
What is X-Pac? Boundary X-Pac fuses futuristic style with supreme functionality. The unique construction is made in the USA by laminating three layers into one lightweight and waterproof material. For its weight, X-Pac is stronger and has greater stretch resistance than any other available fabric.

210D Nylon Cordura® with Barricade™ durable, water-repellent (DWR) coating
Kevlar® fiber X-Ply adds bias stability and tear strength
Clear film is waterproof and controls stretch