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Harman Phoenix ISO 200 135-36 film


Laos (saab järeltellida)




A unique color film for still photographers with high contrast, strong visible grain and punchy, vibrant colours.

Harman Phoenix is a film perfect for those who like to experiment with analogue film. It has a DX coded cassette and a base sensitivity of ISO 200 but can also be rated from 100 to 400.

It is a film with character that thrives best in good, even light. On brighter days or when shooting into the light, there is a risk of halation. To make the most of the film, it´s best to set exposure for midtones to maintain detail in shadows and highlights.

Standard C41 processing
Strong visible grain
Punchy colours
Strong greens, good reds, and vibrant blues
Possibility of halation
Some coating anomalies
About Harman Phoenix

Harman Phoenix comes from Harman Technologies, the company behind perhaps one of the most iconic analog brands available today, Ilford. While Ilford leans back on its analog black-and-white heritage, Harman Phoenix takes a leap forward with a brand-new line-up of color film suitable for amateurs and seasoned professionals alike. The film comes with a budget friendly price and is characterized by a distinct character and a willingness to experiment and try new things