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HOTO Elektriline veinipudeli avaja


Laos (saab järeltellida)



QWKPQ001 Electric Wine Opener

A family dinner, a candlelit dinner, a meeting with friends – in these and similar situations the HOTO electric wine opener will come in handy. The device allows you to open a bottle in just 10 seconds, just press the dedicated button. It was created from high-quality materials, and the non-slip finish ensures stability and makes it easy to use.

The device is distinguished by its convenient and intuitive operation. It has been equipped with uncorking and release buttons – all you have to do is press the corresponding one. The bottle will be opened after about 10 seconds. What´s more, the product works quietly and removes the cork entirely. The QWKPQ001 also has a foil cutter, which also serves as a cover for the opener and allows you to store the product in an upright position.

The opener guarantees efficient operation, thanks to the powerful motor the product is equipped with. In addition, you need 4 AA batteries to power the device (alkaline batteries are recommended). They allow you to open about 170 bottles.

The HOTO electric wine opener will make a great addition to any kitchen. The cylindrical design makes the device fit well in the hand, and the durable and matte PC finish ensures stability. The diameter of the opener is 36 mm, so the product will fit with most bottles. In addition, a transparent window allows you to view while uncorking.