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Deerma Blender NU05


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The improved Deerma blender will allow you to quickly and conveniently prepare your favorite cocktails, wherever you are. It is made of durable materials that guarantee efficient, reliable operation. The cordless blender, equipped with a powerful, serrated blade and rechargeable battery for up to 15 days of work, will meet all your expectations and allow you to enjoy delicious, healthy cocktails every day.

Enjoy Your daily dose of vitamins. Thanks to the reliable blender you can drink fresh smoothies basically every day. It is a quick, simple and pleasant way to take care of your health. Deerma will help you provide your body with a daily dose of vitamins. With this device you can easily prepare a dietary cocktail, refreshing juice or a baby purée – the possibilities are endless! The blender cup has a capacity of up to 400 ml – this is the optimal amount that will make you avoid oxidation of the drink and enjoy both its delicious taste and freshness.

Convenient and safe handling. The device switches on when you press the big button twice. This prevents accidental activation of the mechanism and increases safety. A special protective system additionally makes it impossible to switch on the blender when its cup is not mounted. All this makes the device not only convenient to use, but also poses no risk to users.

Benefit from fast charging. The powerful 1500 mAh battery will charge in about 3 hours. After this time you can prepare up to 8 glasses of fresh drink. This way, in almost every situation, you will instantly provide your body with a huge dose of vitamins! In addition, the blender is equipped with a protective system that indicates low battery charge, which allows you to extend its life.

It even deals with ice in a flash. The extremely efficient operation of the machine is ensured by a powerful 21,000 rpm motor, which instantly sets the double toothed blade in motion. Thanks to this, the blender shreds vegetables, fruits and even crushes ice cubes in about 10 seconds! So you can quickly and conveniently prepare the exact Smoothie you like best.

A cocktail as delicate as a dream. The advanced quadruple swirl stirring system guarantees efficient operation of the blender. You can be sure that your vegetables or fruits will be properly shredded and the cocktail will be as smooth and delicate as you can dream of it. Forget about the unattractive delamination of the drink or the inaccurately mixed particles. Blending with Deerma will delight you!

Mix where you want. The Deerma wireless blender weighs only 0.6 kg – even less than an ordinary laptop. It is also extremely compact and handy. Not only will it not take up too much space in your kitchen, but you can also easily fit it into a backpack or bag and take it wherever you want to go – to the gym, on vacation or to work. Deerma will allow you to enjoy healthy cocktails anywhere and anytime.

Your favorite cocktails always with you. The blender cup is made of lightweight, easy to clean and health safe PCTG material. You will also find a matching lid in the set. It has a specially secured hole and resembles those used in professional, sporting drinks. It guarantees reliable tightness. Thanks to this, you can comfortably take your favorite drink with you wherever you want to go without fear of getting your bag or backpack wet.