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Blitzwolf BW-WS04 juhtmevaba ilmajaam must


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Short sleeves or sweater – now you will know what to wear before leaving the house using the Blitzwolf BW-WS04 Wi-Fi weather station. The device can be controlled via the app and provides real-time temperature and humidity monitoring for the next 5 days. In addition, it has an alarm clock, supports up to three channels, has a 7.5 inch display and can be powered in two ways. It is therefore multifunctional and easy to use.

Application control. The device can be controlled with an application that reads the time and other information from the Internet. It is possible to adjust the temperature measurement unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit and to set alerts.

Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. The product allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity in real time, so you can make the right choice of clothes before leaving the house. The device also provides a weather forecast for the next five days, so you can be prepared for the upcoming weather conditions.

Convenience. The device supports up to three channels and enables information about temperature and humidity in many places, with the maximum distance being 30 meters. Additionally, it has three alarm settings so it will wake you up in the morning, and the snooze function will give you an additional 5 minutes of sleep. It is powered in two ways – 3 * AAA batteries (not included) or DC coupler. The product also has a large 7.5 inch color VA display.