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MagMod XL Starter Strobe Kit


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Create masterful flash light. Newly designed and optimised for flash, MagMod XL modifiers offer unmatched versatility, portability and durability in flash modifiers. MagMod XL makes it easy to create stunning light for amateurs and professionals alike. Use it both on location and in the studio for both simple and highly sophisticated lighting setups with incredible light distribution, focus and colour control.

Inspired by MagMod´s best-selling magnetic modular modifiers for speedlite flashes, the MagMod XL system brings all the amazing modification benefits to larger flashes. No flash modifier system has ever been so durable, versatile and amazing in one complete kit.

MagMod´s magnetic attachment system is fast, secure and easier than ever. Attach and change your flash with the Reflector XL, diffuse and control your light with the MagSphere XL, and control and change your light with the MagGrid XL.

Designed with professional-grade silicone rubber, MagMod XL products can be squashed, crinkled or compressed to fit in any backpack or camera bag. The construction is highly durable, easy to clean and made to stand the test of time.

Designed with counting in mind, the Reflector XL is the only universally adaptаble flash modification system that lets you add multiple colour-changing Dome Gels, MagGrid XLs to control your flash or the MagSphere XL to soften and diffuse your flash.

It comes standard with a Bowens mount and optional for Profoto.
Dniversal strobe reflector system with quick, easy, magnetic attachment for flash units

In the box
1x MagSphere XL
1x XL MagGrid 40
1x XL Reflector


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