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GODOX X PRO-F Series FUJI Transmitter


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Fuji Cameras are divided into three kinds according to their controlling ways to camera flash: A* GFX50S, X-pro2, X-T20, X-T2, X-T1 B* X-Pro1, X-T10, X-E1, X-A3 C* X100F, X100T

Compatible Camera Model and Function Support: TTL Mode: Standard(A/B/C)–Rear(A/C)–HSS-FP(A) M Mode: Standard(A/B/C)–Rear(A/C)–HSS-FP(A) Multi-Mode: Flash(A/B/C) AF-assist Beam: A

More Features FE lock 11 Customizable Functions Manual Flash 1/1 – 1/256 Power Modeling Light Status Control Adjusts the Flash Zoom Coverage for Each Group Ѕelective Transmission of Data Conserves Energy and Battery Life Magnification Function Displays Details of Each Group Settings Global Adjustments to Exposure Values for Multi-Group in M Mode 5 Group Buttons and 4 Function Buttons Offer Convenient Manipulation Support Type-C USB Firmware Upgrade and Wireless Triggering by 2.5mm Sync Cord Jack

Auto Focus Assist: Yes Modeling Lamp Control: Control the modeling lamp by the flash trigger Beeper: Control the sound of the flash trigger Wireless Setting: The receiver end can control the camera shooting through the 2.5mm sync cord jack ZOOM setting: Adjust the ZOOM coverage value from the transmitter TCM function: Transforms the TTL shooting value into the output value in M mode Firmware upgrade: Upgrade through the Type-C USB port Memory function: Settings will be stored 2 seconds after the last operation and recover after a restart Wireless Flash Wireless Signal Range: >328 feet / >100 Meters Remote System: 2.4GHz Modulation Mode: MSK Channels: 32 Wireless ID: 01-99 Groups: 16 Dimensions: 3.5×2.3×2.0″/ 90x58x50mm Display: Large LCD panel with customizable backlight

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