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Godox Fresnel lens Bowen´s mount 10 inch


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The FLS10 Fresnel lens further enhances the tremendous capabilities of the M600Bi. A crisp beam of light with a sharp and clear shadow gives the image extraordinary texture and character. With an infinitely adjustable beam angle from 10° to 35°, you can achieve focused, high-powered light or evenly diffused light that naturally surrounds your subject, meeting a variety of expressive needs.

The Godox Fresnel Lenses FLS8 and FLS10 amplify the output of Godox LED lights utmost by 19 times

Beam thrown by FLS10 can be adjusted from spot 10º to flood 35º

The ergonomic and sturdy build of the Godox Fresnel lenses ensure minimized light leaks and rugged durability.

Compatible with Barndoors
Compatible with the Godox 8 leaf barndoors to precisely cut and shape the light for more creative expressions

FLS10 + LB-02 (optional)
FLS10 Fresnel is also in the best performance matching with Godox LED light. It’s compatible with all Godox Bowens mount LED light.
Adjustable beam Angle: 10º-35º
Working Temperature: -10º ~ 40ºC
Diameter: 10″
Dimension: 295 X 295 X 135 mm
Weight: 3 kg

In the box
1x Fresnel lens