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EcoFlow RIVER 600 Max 576Wh kaasaskantav akupank


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Võta EcoFlow akupank kaasa piknikule, matkasuvilaga reisile või kasuta kodus voolukatkestuse korral tagavarana.

Lae oma seadmeid, kuhu iganes lähete: kaasaskantav päikeseenergia akupank + lisapatarei, mis annab teile usaldusväärset energiat väliseikluste, siseruumides kasutamise ja hädaolukordade jaoks.

Laadige akupank uuesti täis 0 st 80% ni 1 tunni jooksul: EcoFlow X-Stream Charge tehnoloogia laeb akupanka tunni jooksul 0 st – 80% ni, mis on üks kiiremaid laadimisaegu sarnaste seadmete hulgas.

Lae kuni 10 seadet korraga: EcoFlow X-Boost tehnoloogia võimaldab teil suurendada vahelduvvoolu võimsust 1800 W-ni, mis võimaldab teil toita kuni 80% vajalikest seadmetest, nagu köögiseadmed, kodumasinad

Moodulkujundus: ainulaadne modulaarne disain annab teile vabaduse reguleerida RIVER 600 võimsust ja kaasaskantavust mõne sekundi jooksul. Lisapatarei kahekordistab võimsuse 288Wh-lt 576Wh-le olukordades, kus vajate rohkem energiat. Samuti saate lisapatarei hõlpsasti eemaldada, et seade oleks hõlpsam kaasaskantav reisimisel, või mis tahes tegevuses, kus teil on vaja seadmeid laadida liikvel olles.

2 x 600 W vahelduvvoolu väljundid ja 576Wh võimsus: EF RIVER 600 MAX-l on kaks vahelduvvoolu pistikupesa ja võimsus 576Wh, pakkudes mitmele kasutajale uskumatut võimsust kõigi teie lemmikseadmete jaoks.

EcoFlow portable power stations are a new standard among battery power stations. River MAX is distinguished by its unprecedented modular design, which allows to achieve a completely new level of performance. The River MAX system will adapt to you and your needs. It will work perfectly both in the field and at home.

EcoFlow products are safe and easy to use. Unlike combustion generators, they can be used indoors. River MAX does not require petrol, does not produce toxic fumes, does not vibrate during operation and is extremely quiet. The cost of using battery stations is 30% less than that of gasoline powered generators. Just plug the station into a power outlet or photovoltaic panels to start charging. Energy is used when needed to maximize efficiency.

Mobile power stations are ideal for outdoor activities. River MAX can accompany you on your journey so you can enjoy every adventure. Do not let yourself be surprised, be prepared for any unforeseen situation, do not let the lack of power supply spoil your plans.

The patented X-Stream technology ensures fast charging of the station – from 0 to 80% within an hour. The full power of River MAX is reached after just 1,6h hours of charging with a standard socket. This solution provides the fastest charging rate on the market.

The River MAX station can be recharged using unlimited solar energy – simply connect it to the photovoltaic panels using the fast recharging support port. The 200W panels are able to charge the station in less than 3 hours, in sunny weather. To charge the station you can use dedicated EcoFlow panels as well as publicly available solar systems with the appropriate voltage (11-25 V).

With a mobile station you can power a wide range of products such as telephones, laptops, digital cameras, TV sets, medical devices or lighting. River MAX has a capacity of 576 Wh, which translates to power e.g. lights (10W) for about 12 hours, or refrigerators (150W) for 4-8 hours.

Advanced algorithms of X-Boost technology are able to lower the voltage so that high-power devices can work safely with the station. River MAX redefines the limits of what power stations can do.

In the wireless world the possibility of remote control is an obvious standard. Download the mobile application, which you can easily and quickly pair with EcoFlow products. With this app you will extend the possibilities of operating the River MAX station. Monitor your working time, use the X-Boost function and choose different loading options from the app.

EcoFlow has developed its own battery management system to maximize performance, durability and product life cycle. It allows the regulation of all the batteries inside the device and, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, improves the performance of each battery.

River MAX is designed to be stable and reduce the risk of accidental tipping over. It has undergone a number of quality and performance tests to ensure its use is at the highest level of safety.

*A scratch that may be visible on the handle of the device is not a technical defect, but only a naturally occurring visual effect caused by incomplete mixing of paint with ABS and PC. The scratch does not affect the operation of the device or the strength of the handle and is not covered by the warranty.