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EcoFlow DELTA Max lisaaku


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Double or triple the Delta Max battery capacity to 4032Wh or 6048Wh and use your devices without limits. The Delta Max Smart Extra Battery uses all the charging methods that Delta Max has, which means you can charge it anytime, anywhere. Simply connect it to the Delta Max station.

The Smart Extra Battery has an LCD screen on the front that displays key information. Input, output, remaining charge and run time. You can quickly charge your device with 1800W of DC power. Simply connect the generator directly to an additional battery through a special port.

Emergencies are impossible to predict. But you can be prepared for them. Use your devices even if the power supply is prolonged. Don´t stop working or spending time with your family. A large number of inputs allows you to connect even a dozen or so devices, so you do not have to resign from your daily rituals.

Lifetime: 800 cycles to 80% capacity
Net Weight: 18kg