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LED panel Godox LF308BI bi-color flash


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LED panel Godox LF308BI bi-color flash. Godox LF308 series of LED panels, adds flash functions to the standard continuous video lighting function. The panel provides a bright image in a handy package.

Led panel LF308 designed for lighting during video recording, as well as for photography. It gives high-quality light with adjustable brightness and ensures easy switching between the temperature of 5600K and 3300K.

You can use a Godox wireless X series remote control (not included) to use the video light as a flash. Flash mode offers three times the output of the video light mode. In flash mode, the video light output is used as a modeling light for stills and can be dimmed from 100 to 0% brightness. The fixture and wireless remote communicate on the 2.4 GHz frequency. You can choose from 32 channels, and control up to six groups of light fixtures.

Thanks to its Bluetooth control and easy operation, the LF308 panel is great for macro photography, wedding photography, product photography, interviews, and filming.

It features a built-in L-series battery plate (battery not included), or you can power the light from the included AC to DC power adapter.

Godox LF308BI LED Video Light with Flash Sync features 154 daylight-balanced and 154 tungsten-balanced LED bulbs that provide a bright output in a lightweight package The fixture features a SYNC port for use with wireless flash systems. An included wireless remote enables you to control lights in six groups, or you can control the light fixture via Bluetooth.

The light is dimmable from 100 to 0% brightness, and a built-in LCD screen shows color temperature, brightness, battery power, and wireless channel.

The included articulating cold shoe mount allows you to attach the light to your camera or the included mini stand.

Removable barndoors with built-in intensifiers help control the fixture´s output, and the included diffusion filter slides directly into the fixture and helps control the quality of the light´s output. The light mounts on your cam