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Godox UL150IIBi Silent LED Light Bi-color


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Using a fanless cooling design, the Godox UL150 II Silent LED Video Light is a daylight-balanced 155W LED monolite-style light source designed for broadcasting, cinematography, livestreaming, and other video applications with sound. It can be powered with optional V-mount batteries, and controlled via the Godox app, DMX, or through the upgraded external controller. An AC adapter is provided for in-studio use. The Bi version additionally offers the ability to adjust the color temperature.

The fanless UL lights have evolved to provide even more convenience. The 2nd generation has been enhanced with an advanced controller with DMX control, FX effects and all the ergonomic nuances.

The passive cooling system allows efficient and reliable heat dissipation without built-in fans, making the recording process absolutely silent. UL-series lights are ideal for any video application where on-set silence is important, such as interviews, dialogues, and reports.

UL150IIBi light come with a bi-color option, letting you adjust smoothly between warm and cool white to match the ambiance for a natural look in different shooting environment (2800-5600K).

All control boxes are designed to make the job of professionals easier. An intuitive interface, a versatile power system and a special clamp for safe and convenient installation make the control boxes extremely powerful tools on set. Controller box has two V-mount brackets where you can mount dedicated batteries and enjoy the mobility of the light, even in places where there is no access to electricity.

The UL150IIBi generates light with excellent color fidelity, presenting a vivid and crisp image that saves time and energy for post-production.

UL is equipped with various built-in FX effects, which make it easy to simulate movie scenarios. Among them we can find: a TV screen, flash, broken bulb or lightning.

In addition to the intuitive on-board control, the UL150II and UL150IIBi also feature DMX control, remote control with RC-A6, and Godox Light app control, giving you maximized freedom and utmost efficiency to control the lights.

The lights have a Bowens mount, which makes them widely compatible with a wide variety of modifiers available on the market, providing unlimited possibilities for creating any lighting effect.

In package:
Godox UL150IIBi light,
connecting cable,
power cable,
RFT-19 reflector,
LSA clamp,
lamp cover,
fixed rope,
original packaging.