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The Phottix Raja series opens like an umbrella and is ready to use in seconds. No anxiety. No frustration.
Pop it open, add the ba­ffle, diffuser and grid – mount on your studio light. Simple!

Softboxes are a must-have light shaper. Want to harness light, bend it to your will and make it your servant? Nothing is better than a softbox. They provide for countless looks and possibilities – making your photographic potential limitless.

The Octa 65cm is the perfect size for portraits. The Phottix Raja Quick-Folding Softboxes come with a Phottix-compatible S-Mount (Bowens). Swappable mounts for Elinchrom and Profoto are available (sold separately)

The Phottix Raja series features
Heavy-duty construction
Uses Phottix’s Heat resistant SL Tech material
Easy to assemble
5 sizes and styles
Swappable speed rings for popular lighting brands
Travel Bag included

What’s Included
Softbox Raja Octa 65cm with Phottix-compatible S Mount
Inner Baffle
Outer Diffuser
Fabric Grid
Carrying Bag


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