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Manfrotto Magnetic Background Support (magnetiline taustatugi). This innovative background support enables photographers to quickly and easily attach any collapsible background with a steel rim* to a traditional lighting stand**. This innovative Magnetic Background Support is designed to provide photographers with a convenient and portable solution. Reliable magnetic connectors provide an instant connection; they grip the background in two positions thereby eliminating yaw and increasing stability. This easy operation further aids photographers to quickly switch between backgrounds at a comfortable working height. Furthermore, the Magnetic Background Support is compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connector.

Gross weight (kg): 0.25
Width (cm): 63
Material: Aluminium
Maximum Payload (kg): 6

*The maximum width the steel rim can be is 17mm
**The Magnetic Background Support can be fixed to any traditional lighting stand with 5/8 spigot

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