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Godox R200 Ring Flash Head for AD200Pro & AD200


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Godox R200 Ring Flash Head for AD200Pro & AD200

The Godox R200 Ring Flash Head is made for AD200Pro & AD200. As a 200Ws ring flash like never had before, the R200 renders incredible even illumination while eliminating unpleasant highlights and creating a glamorous glow on your subject that will make the portrait look expensive and impressive, making it an irreplaceable light source for photography.

Unique visual impact
Delivering virtually shadowless illumination that creates artistic contrast but never causes any harshness or misses the details of your subject; throwing the shadows behind and thus creates a beautiful contour around the subject to produce the visual impact that is hard to achieve with other light sources, the R200 ring flash distinguishes itself from other off-axis lights to be an ideal fill-in light for portrait and fashion photography.

Another beauty dish
The R200 works as a perfect beauty dish equipped with a reflector RFT-25S. The light delivered by the ring flash spread evenly and then bounce from the round dish to create broader and softer illumination. Providing you with more fun to explore the reflector also comes with dedicated honeycomb grids in three different angles to shape the light as you need.

The R200 ring flash comes with a stylish mini bag to hold your AD200/AD200Pro. The bag is ingeniously designed to let you go at ease and adjust the parameter conveniently even when you work alone.

The foldable camera bracket allows you to easily and quickly fold up the whole fixture without unscrewing them, saving much time for the next shooting.

Flash Power: 200Ws
Flash CCT: 5800±200K
Modeling Lamp CCT: 4500±300K
Dimension (excluding power cable): 18,8 x 18,8 x 6cm
Net Weight: 0.64kg
2 year warranty

In the box
1 x Flash head
1 x Foldable camera bracket
1 x Cross-body mini bag
1 x Umbrella bracket


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