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Zhiyun Weebill 2 Pro Plus


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Zhiyun Weebill 2 Olulisimad omadused:
Loodud kasutamiseks professionaalsete digitaalsete peegel- ja peeglivabade kaameratega.
1,6 tunnise laadimisega kuni 9 tundi kasutusaega.
USB-C kaudu laadimine ja lisatoide ka salvestamise ajal.
Puutetundlik ekraan stabilisaatori ja kaamera seadistuste juhtimiseks. Palju lisafunktsioone Transmitter AI abil.
Stabiliseerib kuni 3,3 kg kaamerakomplekti. Soovituslike kaamera ja objektiivi komplektide kohta saab pidevalt uuenevat teavet Zhiyuni veebilehelt.

Weebill 2 is the first gimbal to incorporate a 2.88-inch, flip-out HD touchscreen allowing for full command. The intuitive, rotatable and retractable interface allows interaction as well as parameter adjustment and footage monitoring in a few taps for uninterrupted shooting. Users can also access intelligent features including one-touch smart follow, time-lapse and gesture control via the touchscreen without having to use the ZY Play app.

With Weebill 2 Zhiyun introduces an all-new Infineon chip and upgraded algorithm that will make the gimbal more stable. This combined with its upgraded motor torque and core algorithm, for enhanced stability enables the Weebill 2 to run analysis for complex interruptions to accurately detect and compensate for a broad range of handheld instability, even in extreme conditions.

The gimbal has a classic easy-to-carry sling grip functionality, which allows users to seamlessly switch to underslung mode without the addition of extensions or altering the gimbal’s form. The outstanding grip function facilitates low-angle shooting and is suitable for comfortable, extended-hours operation.

What´s in the box:

1x Weebill 2 stabilizer
1x Sling grip handle
1x Image Transmitter AI
1x Focus/zoom motor
1x Mastereye controller VC100
1x Quick release plate
1x Tripod
1x Backing base
1x Lens support
1x USB Type-C cable
2x Canon camera control cable
1x Panasonic camera control cable 1x Sony camera control cable
1x ¼-20 Screw
1x Quick start guide
1x Carrying case