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3 Legged Thing ZELDA L Bracket Copper


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Zelda is 3LT’s first dedicated L-Bracket. Designed, in cooperation with Nikon, to perfectly fit the shapely contours of the new Z 6 and Z 7 cameras, Zelda gives users full access to all ports and doors on the cameras. Super Strength.
Zelda exquisite curves are hewn with precise accuracy from a single block of solid magnesium alloy, giving it a strength never previously found in anything outside Thor’s hammer. Sharp Styling. Anodised in stunning Copper or Metallic Slate Grey, Zelda features perfectly-aligned cut-outs that give users easy access to the tilting screen and lens release buttons on the Z Series cameras. Easy as FTZ… Because Zelda was designed in collaboration with Nikon, the dedicated accessories are 100% compatible. Both the FTZ and WR-R10 can be installed and removed without the need to remove the Bracket. Horizontal Aspect Length: 106 mm. Horizontal Aspect Width: 38 mm.
Vertical Aspect Height: 85 mm. Vertical Aspect Width: 38 mm. Weight: 67 g. Compatibility – Standard Arca-Swiss.