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Robottolmuimeja S10 BLACK SMART360


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Suurepärased parameetrid igas aspektis!
• 3 sisseehitatud LiDAR -i muudab tolmuimeja üliõhukeseks (kõigest 8,5 cm) – see suudab puhastada mööbli alt ja väldib tõhusamalt takistusi
• 3300 Pa suurepärane imemisvõime
• 500 ml tolmu
• 520 ml elektrooniline veepaak
• 5000 mAh aku

Ultra-slim design with built-in LiDARs stereoscopic 3D perception and efficient obstacle avoidance. Trinocular built-in LiDARs provide navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance 3300Pa superior suction. 520ml electronic water tank. 500ml dust. 5000mAh high-capacity battery.

Maximum Configurations. 3300Pa superior suction, with minimal noise 520ml electronic water tank. 500ml dust bin. Efficient sweeping and mopping for a quiet and clean environment.

Fully Automatic Operation. Identify carpets and multi-floor areas automatically and accurately Clean dust-prone areas with just one click.

Efficient Obstacle Avoidance. LiDAR navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance it can see clearly to efficiently avoid obstacles and collisions.

With hidden LiDARs, it cleans narrow spaced smoothly and throughly, does not get stuck and avoids collisions, while cleaning the areas under beds, cabinets and sofas more efficiently.

Clean thoroughly. It can sweep under cabinets and sofas to clean all the hard-to-reach areas.

Protect furniture. The body has no bulge and avoids collisions when cleaning under the furniture.

Damage-proof. Hidden design + independent shield blocks foreign materials.

Longer service life. It adopts an expensive wireless coaxial motor.

Advanced Autopilot Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities. Automatically identify more than 100 types of objects. Stereoscopic 3D perception for flexible obstacle avoidance.

AI-Powered 3D Vision. Stereoscopic 3D perception of slippers, power strips, body fat scales and other objects. It sees clearly to efficiently avoid obstacles and collisions. The three LiDARs, quickly and accurately identify 100 types of objects, such as power strips, slippers, pet feces, and body fat scales, then send the information back to the processor for real-time calculation. This actively identifies and bypasses obstacles, avoids entanglements, and prevents sweeping errors and touching by mistake, etc.

Use voice control for house cleaning. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Clova.


Rated power

68 Watts

Battery capacity

500 mAh

Work time

3 hours

Dust bin capacity

0.5 l


85 mm


350 x 350 x 85mm


3.85 kg