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Pawbby Pet Mini Trimmer


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Pawbby mini pet trimmer. Now you can take care of your pet´s fur yourself. The mini trimmer by Pawbby will allow you to easily trim your pet´s fur in places where a regular trimmer is not suitable – for example, around the ears, eyes or paws. The device allows fast, accurate clipping and is completely safe for pets. It also works extremely quietly – forget about annoying noise.

Fast and precise clipping

The Pawbby mini trimmer is equipped with a small head that allows precise clipping in areas such as paws, ears and around the eyes. The floating ceramic blades of high hardness cut the hair quickly and smoothly, without jamming or irritating your pet´s skin. They are also distinguished by high wear resistance and rounded design, so you don´t have to worry about injuring your pet.

Quiet and smooth operation. A high-quality motor is responsible for the efficient operation of the device, which guarantees smooth, fast clipping. It also features a long service life – don´t worry that it will quickly refuse to serve you. The trimmer also works extremely quietly. You don´t have to worry that the loud noise will upset or scare your pet! With Pawbby, you can be sure that your pet will be comfortable.

Convenient operation. The device works wirelessly – say goodbye to tangled cables that limit your freedom! To power the trimmer you will only need 4 AAA batteries, which you will find in the set. The product is also very comfortable to use, and thanks to the non-slip texture it fits well in your hand and guarantees a firm grip. Find out that taking care of your pet´s coat yourself does not have to be difficult at all!

In the box:
Pet trimmer
AAA battery x4
Blade oil
Cleaning brush