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Deli paberihunt E9945 12L


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Deli shredder cuts up to 6 sheets of paper at a time, allowing you to save time. Operation is facilitated by a dedicated panel, and the hopper capacity is 12 l, so you don´t have to empty it too often. In addition, it is made of fire-resistant material, and the noise level is 80 dB.

Fast and efficient operation. The E9945 cuts paper into 4 x 30 mm strips and is equipped with a 138 W motor and a stainless steel blade, so it can cut 6 A4 sheets at a time. The 12-liter hopper reduces the frequency of refilling, and the noise level is ≤80 dB, so you won´t be disturbed while working.

Thoughtful design. The shredder will be perfect for smaller offices – its dimensions are 325 x 170 x 322 mm. What´s more, you won´t have a problem operating it – it´s made easy by a convenient panel. The device has also been designed so that its use is completely safe. The E9945 was made of fire-resistant ABS plastic and will automatically turn off when the temperature of the device is too high.

Power: 138 W
Number of shredded sheets: 6
Tank capacity: 12 l
Shredding speed: 2 m/min
Dimensions: 325 x 170 x 322 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Paper format: A4
Cutting type: strips 4 x 30 mm
Rated voltage: 230V 50Hz