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Smart skipping rope Yunmai YMSR-P701


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Train your fitness and jumping ability with a smart skipping rope that will be your personal trainer. With sensors in the handles, the Skipping Rope will monitor your body rhythm to optimize each workout.

Start practicing from scratch. The skipping rope, despite appearances, is one of the most versatile exercise devices. Used in many sports disciplines, it helps burn fat and develops many muscle groups. Now you can track your skipping workout with the Yunmai Smart Skipping Rope.

Precise Measurements. Precise sensors are built into the grips to monitor your workout and Bluetooth 4.0 smart chips will send the results to your smartphone. The technology works with multi-point monitoring and works with a dedicated algorithm that will record your every jump.

Detailed Report. Get an accurate report of your progress and information about your body. Use the dedicated mobile app – set the number of repetitions for each workout, log data and count calories burned. Yunmai skipping rope offers the ability to pre-set various workout programs and inform the trainer with vibrations when the goal is reached.

Regulation for everyone. Thanks to the unique patented rope design with adjustment buckle, users can freely adjust the length of the skipping rope to their height. This is a quick and convenient solution that will make jumping rope length no problem for you

Long lasting fun in training. The rope can operate for approximately 150 days on a single charge. The built-in battery is charged via a micro USB connection. It´s ideal for both professional and amateur athletes who value having fun with workouts more than achieving better results.

Length of skipping rope: 3m
Communication range: 10m
Wireless connectivity: Blutooth 4.0

Yunmai intelligent skipping rope
Storage bag
USB cable
Instruction manual


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