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Momax X-Lens Case: iPhone XS All-In-One Lens Case


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MOMAX Lens Case for Apple iPhone Xs: 6 in 1 Dual Optics Lens Kit (180°Fisheye, 2X Telephoto,120° Wide-Angle, 10X/20X Macro), Two Layers Double Protection (Black). Dual Optics Lens Design for iPhone XS/X: A compact size with 6 lens of 3 sets which only need to push left or right to fit each set lens install to right place of using. It works perfectly with the dual camera system on the iPhone XS/X.
Multiple Dual Lens Options: Greatly extend your optical zoom range and capture a variety of shots that you couldn´t achieve with just your phone. The Lens Kit includes a 120° Wide-Angle, 2X Telephoto, 10X Macro, 20X Super Macro and 180° Fisheye Lens. With a focusing distance of 18mm, get incredibly close to your subject until it comes into focus.
Portable&Lightweight: Only 2 ounces weight in 11mm slim size, you´ll barely notice the case on your phone.
Two Layers Protection: The Lens Kit offers two layers protection with one inner case and one outer case. Two case can be sepated used or together used both.The double protection is good for bumps and scratches,the raised lip protects your screen when setting the phone face down. The cutouts allow for full functionality of all the ports and buttons.
Ergonomic Hand Grip: The built-in grip makes holding your phone more comfortable and gives you a firm grip on your phone while taking pictures.


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