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Meross Smart Desk lamp MDL110MHK


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The Meross smart desk lamp will come in handy for students, pupils and workers. It generates eye-friendly light, the brightness and color temperature of which you can freely change. Thanks to adjustаble construction you can easily adjust it to your needs. It is also possible to remotely operate the device using Meross app, Apple HomeKit or voice commands, among others.

Safe for sight. Provide optimal lighting when you´re working or studying. The lamp generates a gentle, eye-safe light that does not flicker, glare or tire your eyes. This makes it ideal for both adults and children. If necessary, you can also adjust the brightness of the light from 1% to 100% and its color temperature in the range of 2700-6000K.

Remote control. The device is compatible not only with the Meross app, but also with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings. Add it to the platform of your choice and gain the ability to remotely turn the light on and off, adjust its parameters, and even create work schedules. It´s also possible to control the light with your voice – using Siri Assistant, for example.

Adjustаble design. The lamp is designed to be perfect for users of almost any age. Its tilt is adjustаble up to 180° – position it to optimally illuminate your keyboard or notes. When you don´t need it for a while, simply fold it up to take up even less space.

Stunning design. The product has been made of excellent quality aluminum alloy, which provides it not only strength and resistance to damage, but also more efficient heat dissipation. The lamp also looks really great – thanks to the minimalist, modern design it will appeal to many users and can be a fantastic complement to the desk.

In the box:
Smart desk lamp
Power adapter
Fastener x2
Small hexagon wrench
User Manual

Rated power: 10W
Dimensions (folded): 399x119x51mm