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Flashlight Superfire A3-S 1100lm USB-C


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Flashlight Superfire A3-S, 1100lm, USB-C

Mini flashlight for special tasks. Superfire A3- is a compact LED flashlight with a high brightness of 1100 lumens and a range of 100-200 meters. The flashlight has a special window tamper at the back, allowing you to escape from the car in an emergency situation. The device is made of durable aluminum alloy used in the aviation industry. Thanks to its small size of 148 mm x 27 mm x 25 mm the flashlight will fit into a pocket, backpack, bag or even sachets.

Fast charging. The flashlight is powered by one 18650 battery (included). The battery can be recharged very quickly using the USB port, so there is no need to remove the battery from the flashlight. When using the flashlight, the battery charge status is indicated on the LED backlight: green color indicates that the battery charge level is sufficient; red color indicates that the battery needs to be charged.

High brightness. The flashlight lights with a brightness of 1100 lumens at 10 watts, provides strong light and has a long life, so you do not have to worry about frequent diode replacement. The flashlight has 5 modes of light. 3 modes are used to control the brightness (strong, medium, weak), and the other two are used to turn on strobe light or SOS. The flashlight switch is used to switch between the modes.

Functionality. The flashlight is splash-proof, so we can use it without any problem, even in difficult weather conditions, and special vents ensure proper heat dissipation. In the back there is a hole for attaching the strap, as well as a sharp-tipped glass hammer, which can be useful in a crisis situation on the road. The device also has protection against excessive discharge of the battery. The device also has a handle that allows you to attach the flashlight to the cap or other place.

Runtime: 2h
Charging time: 3h

Packing list:
18650 battery
USB cable