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Doco BC001 electric bath brush white


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Want to make your bath more comfortаble? The body massage brush will completely change it! Moreover, you can adjust it to your needs, thanks to its adjustаble rotation! Its operation will be very easy and pleasant, thanks to its ergonomic design. With DOCO you will feel like in a real spa!

The DOCO body massage brush was created with your comfort in mind, so it is equipped with a long handle and a head that rotates 360 degrees. It will perfectly imitate manual brushing, adjusting its power to the pressure you apply to your body. However, if you press too hard, the device will stop so as not to damage your skin.

DOCO caters to your needs, so the body massage brush has an adjustаble rotation. If your skin is very delicate, choose the low gear, which operates at 160 rpm. On the other hand, if your skin needs deep cleansing, choose the high mode with a power of 280 rpm. Thanks to this feature, the BC001 brush will work perfectly for everyone.

The DOCO massage brush is equipped with a large 1600 mAh battery. Thanks to it, this device will serve you for a month with daily 5-minute use. The equipment easily recovers power through the Type-C charging port. In addition, to ensure safe use, the charging port has been hidden.

DOCO BC001 is also all about comfort. The ergonomic design allows you to naturally hold the grip and place your thumb on the control button. What´s more, you won´t fatigue your hand while using the brush, as it is lightweight and weighs only 291 grams.

DOCO has made sure that the body massage brush is easy to use. To remove the head, you just need to gently pull it, while to install it, you need to lightly press it. For your safety and greater comfort, the entire device is waterproof and made of non-slip silicone.


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