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21.5″ LCD ekraaniga kätepesu dosaator seinale


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Mobiilne 21.5″ LCD monitor koos puutevaba automaatse kätepuhastus dosaatoriga, mille saab paigaldada vajalikku kohta, et vajadusel käsi pesta ning infot levitada. Käesolev desinfitseerimisvahendi hoidik on hea lahendus käte pesemiseks ja desinfitseerimiseks puutevaba dosaatori abil ning samaagselt toote küljes oleva ekraani kaudu sõnumi levitamiseks kätepesijatele ja/või möödujatele. Universaalne süsteem. Vajab elektrit, et ekraan töötaks.

1. Android OS 6.0/8.1 system,Support webside visiting
2. Remote content management software: Auto upload videos from the software on PC after connecting internet via wifi, even the machines are in different places. Detail reports are available for marketing analysis.
3.Support remote content update, upload, dеlete, support OSD, VOD, loop playback
4.Support Split screen, Rolling text
5.Support HD Video resolution: 1080*1920
6.Support Calendar, Auto Power on/Off 3rd party APK installation
8. Media files Supported: datob/mpg/divx(.avi) /bmp/jpgtf/flash/office files and so on
9.Removeable Independent Main Board Box for maintenance.

Auto Dispense: Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross infection;
Power Supply: AC adapter;
Auto Identify: Identify the disinfectant automatically, only work for the authorized one; (Optional)
Dispensing Life: The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times;
Remote Hand Washing Monitoring feature to check real time dosage of the sanitizer.
Counting the cotal number of the hand sanitizer dispenser.Be notified when the dispenser need a sanitizer refill by an email.
Soap/Disinfectant Bottle
Volume: 3000ml
Dispense Volume: Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4
Pump: Standard pump for Liquid, Soap, Gel.


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