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SMALLRIG 3247 Dummy Battery EN-EL15


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SmallRig Dummy Battery EN-EL15 3247

Key Features:
1. Stable and reliable power supply.
2. Easy to disassemble.
3. Universal standard DC5521 port.

SmallRig Dummy Battery EN-EL15 3247 is an accessory designed to complete power supply system and provide users with easy and quick access to the external power supply to extend shooting time and focus on video creation; it has a total length of 600mm and delivers stable 7.4V output through the 5.5 / 2.1mm DC output port. It can be easily and quickly installed in the camera battery door and used for a continuous and stable power supply for the Nikon camera.

1. Please plug the cable into the 7.4V 5.5 / 2.1mm DC output port.

1:Dummy Battery:EN-EL15
Camera: D500, D600, D610, D750, D780, D800, D810, D850, D7000, D7100, D7200, D7500, Z 5, Z6, Z6II, Z7, Z7II

2: Power supply with 7.4V 5.5 / 2.1mm DC output port

Package Includes:
1 x EN-EL15 Cable

Product Dimensions: 600 x 39.4 x 19.98mm
Package Dimensions: 106x 99 x 33mm
Net Weight: 29g±5g
Package Weight: 79g±5g
Material: ABS+PC(Shell)+PVC(Cable)