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Nitecore NP-F970 battery pack 7800mAh 56.2Wh


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The NP-F970 is a battery pack for Sony cameras and camcorders with a high capacity of 7,800mAh to enable additional photos taken and extended video shooting in each charge cycle.

Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Model: NP-F970
Voltage: 7.2V
Capacity: 7,800mAh
Energy: 56.2Wh
Operating Temperature: Charge: 0℃~45℃ (32℉~113℉); Discharge: -10℃~60℃ (14℉~140℉)
Compatible models: Sony NEX-FS700, NEX-FS100J, PXW-Z100, HVR-HD1000E, HDR-AX2000E and with the most Godox LED, Feelworld Monitor & Z-Cam Camera´s and more. For example: Quadralite SVL-400 lamp.
Dimensions: 70.7mm×39.3mm×59.7mm (2.78″×1.55″×2.35″)
Weight: 320g (11.29oz)
Warranty 3 years