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Insta360 Sphere Invisible Drone 360 Camera


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Record even better footage from the bird´s eye view! The Insta360 Sphere spherical camera works with the Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Air 2S drones to enhance the capabilities of your device. It allows you to create spectacular 360° videos in high quality 5.7K. The camera is equipped with FlowState 6-axis image stabilization. The device´s locking mechanism allows for quick and easy installation, and the included lens caps ensure safety.

The Insta360 camera allows you not only to take panoramic photos, but also to record videos without the drone in the frame – thanks to its precisely positioned lenses. The device will also help you capture breathtaking 360° footage in 5.7K/30FPS quality. Saturated with details and natural, vivid colors, the shots will stay not only in your memories!

Reliable stabilization, no matter the conditions. The innovative FlowState stabilization system eliminates unwanted shake so you can create exceptionally smooth shots, even during dynamic footage.

Take advantage of the available modes to give your footage a unique touch. The camera supports the HDR function, which allows you to produce crisp color images, even in challenging conditions. Starlapse mode will allow you to take stunning shots of star trails. After dark, turn on Night Shot mode and capture natural, clear shots of the city at night. Interval, Burst, Timelapse, Timshift and Loop Recording modes are also at your disposal. Let your creativity run wild – your possibilities are endless!

Installation of the camera will not cause you any problem. The convenient locking mechanism will allow you to attach the device to your Mavic Air 2/2S drone in no time. You also don´t have to worry about damaging your drone – the one-piece design is fully safe for your drone. What´s more, it provides an even higher level of safety during flight.

Enjoy long recording time. The device is equipped with a powerful 1050mAh battery, which allows for 48 minutes of operation. So you are free to explore the surroundings and create amazing shots. The battery itself takes about 100 minutes to charge. You can easily renew the energy in it with a USB-C cable and any mains charger.

Fly without worrying about the safety of your drone. The Sphere camera doesn´t affect the quality of your drone´s GPS signal in any way – so you don´t have to worry about losing the signal at the least opportune moment. The lens covers you´ll find in the package effectively protect the lens from scratches or damage. In addition, the kit comes with a special pad for safe takeoff and landing.

Want to gain even more possibilities when recording? Just install the dedicated Insta360 app, which is available in the Google Play store and App Store. With its help, you will successfully adjust and set modes, as well as shooting settings. You can also use the special Insta360 Sphere software and freely edit the recorded material on your laptop or computer.

Insta360 Sphere
Sticky Lens Guards
Lens hood x2
Rechargeable battery
Power cable
Lens cloth
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Video resolution:

Video modes: Standard Video, HDR, Timelapse, TimeShift, Loop Recording
Photo modes: Standard, HDR, Interval, Night Shot, Starlapse, Burst

Weight: 192g (including battery)
Dimensions: 110x125x63mm
Operating time: 48 minutes
Maximum video bitrate: 100Mbps
Gyroscope: 6-axis
Exposure value (EV): ±4EV
ISO range: 100-3200
Shutter speed Photo: 1/8000 – 120s
Video: 1/8000 – up to the limit of the number of frames per second available for the mode
White balance 2700K-6500K